clonguishgaaNewtownforbes is in the parish of Clonguish. To most this name is synonymous with the local G.A.A. Club which has enjoyed great success over the years at Senior and Minor level. Clonguish means ( The Meadow of the Swans). The school uniform carries the swan on our school crest.

Clonguish is rich in Local History and lore. One such story tells of an impoverished cobbler sentenced to hang for sheep stealing. When his body was handed back to the family, it was placed on a cart and transported back to Newtownforbes. On the way home one of the mourners noticed the body was still warm and detected a faint breath.  Critchy Mc Cann was spirited away and eventually he recovered from his ordeal. Sadly however he would have a crooked neck for the rest of his days.

The following poem by fourth class recounts his story.

Critchy McCann

Critchy Mc Cann was a very poor man,

Who stole a few sheep so his children could eat.

But news of the theft was soon uncovered

And sadly for Critchy his days were numbered.

When the police knocked on Critchy’s door

He was frightened like never before.

They put him in handcuffs and sent him to jail

And left him to hang from an old wooden rail.

They took down his body and left him to die

As his family looked on with tears in their eyes.

As they carted him home to their great surprise

Critchy the warrior was still mad alive.

His body was warm when it should have been cold

So they built him a house in the forest of old.

A cobbler by trade he worked on his last

Mending old shoes as the days they did pass.

His neck it was crooked that’s how it would stay

And his story lives on to this very day.